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Innovation abounds, yet merely having potential to realize greatness is not sufficient. Until that potential is properly harness, it will remain a fascinating idea that is obscured in a torrent of competition. As such, it is absolutely essential that this innovation is properly brought to market, such that it rises above the irrepressible noise of unrealized potential attempting to break into the market.

Given this harsh reality, the significance of obtaining sufficient funds (and effectively applying those funds) is extremely important to elevating the innovation to the point of commercial viability. And to achieve this objective, it frequently becomes necessary to solicit and secure the financing that angel investors are capable of providing.

Angel investors have much to offer, when others are not prepared to advance the money, and as such they tend to demand a lot. In turn, the investment-seeking company and the angel investors find themselves in a delicate balancing act between the two parties, as they attempt to find the appropriate arrangement that enables the business to be capable of optimizing their innovation, while the angel investors seeking to maximize their return, while minimize their risk.

This is a very challenge period for both investment-seeking company and angel investor, such that the retention of experienced legal counsel is essential to this process. At Neufeld Legal P.C., we work with every party to an angel investor opportunity, striving to attain optimal results given the circumstances, while minimizing constraints upon the realization of your objective goals.

For knowledgeable and experienced legal representation when undertaking financing initiatives and negotiating financial arrangements for your internet-based business, contact Neufeld Legal P.C.

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Providing legal and business counsel to internet businesses, primarily in Canada and the United States of America, but also where legally permissible to provide the applicable advice and consultation to business people the the world over. Internet business lawyer Christopher Neufeld is admitted to practice in New York State, the provinces of Alberta and Ontario, in addition to the U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Claims, U.S. Court of Appeals: Federal Circuit, U.S. District Court: Southern & Eastern Districts of New York, as well as appearing before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) . The legal operations of Neufeld Legal P.C. are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (144 - 4th Avenue SW, Suite 1600, Calgary, Alberta). Legal Disclaimer. Privacy Policy. Copyright 2013.